Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Norma de León/Muxxi

A Guatamalen artist and graphic designer
This week due to illness I have left looking for an artist till quite late, fortunately yesterday I nearly immediately stumbled across someone that perked up my mood:Muxxi. Her work is vivid, joyful and has happily transported me far away from the horrible sicky feeling I have at the moment. I could look at it all day........

My real name is Norma de León, but a lot of people knows me as Muxxi; I'm a guatemalan graphic designer and illustrator, whenever I have the time i love to draw characters that sudenly come to my mind, I think that's my way to express how i feel in the moment.

Illustration Friday "Adrift"
Illustration Friday "Adrift"


Riding to Nowhere
Riding to nowhere

Perspective of Life
Perspective of life

Complications of Life
Complications of life!


  1. Thanks Felice, for showing my work in your blog.(^-^)

  2. thats quite alright muxxi, its lovely stuff that made me feel less ill!


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