Thursday, 14 October 2010

geoffrey agrons

An American artist living Cape May, New Jersey
This week we have something a little different from the usual fare- some photography. Geoffrey Agrons see's things that many of us have only imagined and captures them with grace. I'm often blown away by how frequently he posts his mind blowing images on Society 6, you would think such shots only arise occasionally but he seems to find them everywhere he goes. They are quiet, beautiful places that seem to go on as far as the eye can see, I wish I could climb into each photograph and lie down in the sand, maybe there you would find true peace of mind.

Some of Geoffreys words from his website:
"I am a radiologist and self-taught photographer drawn from the darkened reading room towards a world suffused with natural light.

My current work concentrates on the peculiar beauty of coastal southern New Jersey; its interior pine barrens, flora, and fauna; and the overlooked rural communities of the Delaware Bay.  I am particularly interested in the ambiguous quality of everyday objects and structures encountered at the seaside between twilight and dawn, and the tension between the untamed wetlands and human expectations of permanence and control.  I have come to think of the images as "melancholigraphs". 


Photo names in order: Seduction/Artifact/Time Balm/Archipelago/Incident at Dias Creek



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  1. oh everything about your blog is lovely!
    the pictures make me smile!

    happy blogging you!


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