Wednesday, 10 November 2010

matthew knight

an irish artist currently living in amsterdam, holland
I'm really into paint at the moment and especially bright, unusual paintings with lot of light, so when i found matthew knight i also found all the elements i love housed in each painting. They feel alive, a rare quality in paintings, when you look at them they seem to shimmer and move. Each piece could hold your attention for hours as you inspect each mark and detail. They're both fun and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them wonderful.......

main site:

i'm beautiful no matter what you say(detail)
Detail of "I am Beautiful No Matter What You Say"

saddened by a thought
Saddened by a thought

thoughts in the furnace(detail)
Detail of "Thoughts in the Furnace"

colourful smile
Colourful Smile

in this strange(detail)
Detail of "In this Strange...."


  1. I really love these. Great colours!.

    All the best
    Jamie Holmes.

  2. they are wonderful aren't they?


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