Wednesday, 22 December 2010

because its christmas

i felt like something a little different so this week i have a few updates from previous artists of the week...... i will not be posting next week and then after that will be going to thailand for 4 weeks, but will probably have an internet connection so should be posting from thailand, i'll let you all know if that changes though.......

so all i have left to say for 2010 is
merry christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and have a fabulous new year!!!

kohei akiba : flower

mike lay : iyyb

saddo : transfer


hironori minematsu : ホギャアホギャアhogya

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jeannie Phan

A Vietnamese artist currently living in Toronto, Canada
Jeannie Phan makes images that draw you in and keep you looking for some time. Each one is a wonderful visual adventure that seems to have been caught during a bizarre and beautiful transition.  Her work has a quiet depth and thoughtfulness that still manages crackle with energy and spirit. They feel free and alive, when I look at them I feel like my throat is getting less constricted and my heart is beginning to soar, like I'm being taken on a journey. And finally, they are graceful, which is a rare admirable quality in art, fantastic........

main site:

Song of the Mechanical Nightingale

Song of the Mechanical Nightingale

My Breakfast

My Breakfast

Hair is dead:the conjoined

Hair is Dead: The Conjoined

Las Rever Alore

Las Rever Elore



Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Linnea Strid

A Swedish artist currently living in Stockholm, Sweden

I have to admit I was losing heart trying to find this weeks artist of the week, until yesterday when, while browsing one of my favourite online magazines Juxtapoz I came across the work of Linnea Strid. To me her paintings look like the moment when the barriers go down and the pain you try to keep at arms length catches up with you. They are gorgeously fluid and wonderfully painted, you really feel the emotions that went into these paintings. The tones, the textures, the details are all so beautiful, so rich and somber. She has become one of my new painting hereos overnight and I'm very much looking forward to seeing what comes next....

main site:
juxtapoz interview(more info here):

can't wash it off anymore 
Can't wash it off

too close
Too close

what we are made of
What we are made of

face me
Face me

zero(when I'm alone i cease to exist)
Zero (when I'm alone I cease to exist)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Loana Ibarra

A Swedish/ Mexican artist who darts between both countries

Loana makes wonderful explosions each, person figure in her painting seems to be made of thousands of shards and flames of other places. Her eye for detail is perceptive and strangely subtle, even though they are so bright the mark making is calm and thoughtful. Even with its quietness her work still remains passionately alive in its placing, pallet and composition. It invites you into its movement, does anyone else feel like they're dancing when they look at them?

main site:
facebook page:!/pages/LIM-Loana-Ibarra-Maz...

The Inner Paisa

The Inner Paisa

Los Dos

Los dos




Cantinflas y Loana #1



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